How does culture influence our notions of health?

In sickness and health

Health is one of the megatrends of our modern society. It shapes what we see as a good life, how we perceive ourselves and what we demand from the state, medicine and technology. Our idea of what we see as sick or healthy is deeply rooted in culture.

Decoding human behaviour with ethnographic methods at STURM und DRANG

Discovering the unconscious

Without consciously realizing it, we carry areas of tension within us that lead to a great difference between what we say, think - and how we ultimately act. Ethnographic approaches help us to understand these areas of tension and to develop appropriate "human strategies".

On the real ‘guiding cultures’ in Germany

The New Promises of Happiness

If business is about making a bet about people's future behavior, then how can we best predict the ways in which people experience and behave? As cultural consumer researchers, we firmly believe that context must always be taken into account. For as contexts change, the attitudes and behavior of people change as well.

Understanding and Leveraging Customer Decision-Making

Behavioral Economics – How Your Customers Make Decisions

The relationship between man and business is complex. In the business world, rational decision-making and compelling argumentation are valued and the goal is to make numbers bigger and bigger. But there is more to human beings than the rational side. How can companies and brands benefit from consumer irrationality?


Future of Mobility: of Time and Traffic

With time being our most valuable good, how can autonomous driving revolutionize time consuming commuting? As fascinating concepts are developing around the world we take up the question: where is mobility headed in a system so deeply linked to cars. How does the equation change if we alter the most important variable?