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Why do people fondle their smartphone? How does it affect a family when a talking device moves in? Why can it be liberating to see the boss cry?

As Head of Corporate Communications, Elin Goethe works to ensure that the world knows—and understands—the STURM und DRANG mission

Future Cultures is the weekly STURM and DRANG magazine exploring the latest from the world of tomorrow. STURM and DRANG contributors and international writers interpret the signs and signals we observe in our day-to-day work, elucidating abstract phenomena in compelling special reports, photo stories, interviews, semiotic studies and cultural analyses. Our guiding questions: How are these cultural shifts affecting people? What do they tell us about contemporary society, and in what ways are they changing our behavior? We investigate the multi-faceted cultural phenomena of our time in these topic areas of particular current interest to us:

Digital Culture, in which we look at how digitalization is changing the world we live in.

Work Culture, featuring stories, forecasts and opinions about the working world of tomorrow.

Relationship Culture, where we explore connections, ties and bonds in a post-digital era.

Visual Culture, highlighting contemporary visual trends with future impact.

Community, a section devoted to profiling the fascinating minds in our network of experts.

Sign of the times, a semiotic column for decoding the language of things.

In addition, regular industry updates comment on current trends, the latest hype and innovative new products. And recurring stories examine in detail such topics as start-up culture or the future of live entertainment.

I hope you enjoy Future Cultures, the new STURM and DRANG magazine, and look forward to hearing from you.

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