Our Cultural Approach

Humans are cultural beings and decision-making is influenced by cultural contexts. Understanding the weight of distinct cultural contexts and their process of unfolding is the most important task for a company. Successful innovation can only take place when businesses keep fingers on the pulse of cultural changes – so that they can offer products and services that really matter. Products and services that build resonance, help to form relations, and facilitate a public life, which everybody benefits from.

Our Business Fields

Cultural Business Renewal

Cultural Innovation: We innovate products, services, and customer relationship experiences by imbuing them with new meanings. Read more about our corresponding products Open Innovation Journey and Social Experience Design.

Cultural Transformation: We explore how our environment and contexts are changing today and how these changes will likely shape the future. We observe emerging consumer cultures, develop relevant corporate and brand visions, and transform organizations to match their new role and meaning in markets and societies of tomorrow. Read more about our corresponding products Brand Purpose Script and Future Market Projection.