Cultural Transformation

Brand Purpose Script

How can I infuse my established brand company with new energy and make the brand attractive again and exciting for customers and employees? Brand Purpose Scripts are employed to ensure that brands make sense so they can become a meaningful part of their lifestyle, and of the larger consumer and work cultures.

Defining a new and meaningful brand culture

What role does your brand play in the lives of consumers?

In research communities and story interviews with management we study what personal images, experiences and stories create a connection between your customers with the brand. This allows us to then map out brand meaning and brand relationships, relying on semiotics experts to decode hidden meanings and codes in the brand culture.

What is the future relevant brand mission?

Trend studies are employed to identify cultural phenomena and market shifts which the brand can exploit. In conjunction with the brand analysis, we outline the future positioning by means of a Purpose Script that addresses the ‘why’ (purpose), the ‘how’ (principles) and the ‘what’ (proposition) of the brand.

How is this mission translated into the company’s day-to-day business?

To implement the Brand Purpose, a transformation agenda is outlined defining internal and external contours and initiatives. A Purpose Film is created as part of internal communications measures, aimed at getting all staff and brand managers on board with the new mission.