Cultural Transformation

Future Market Projection

How will my market and consumer culture be changing? What innovations and business models could ensure future relevance? How can new technologies be translated into relevant consumer offerings? Future Market Projection methods yield vivid insights into emerging consumer culture, enabling businesses to enhance the relevance of their offerings with respect to a more desirable future.

Identifying the Markets of the Future

How will your markets and customers be changing over the long term?

A meta-analysis of major trends and consumer longings forms the basis for projecting the ‘future mindsets’ of the greatest relevance. In a Delphi think tank, international experts from a broad array of disciplines sketch out future consumer contexts and market scenarios.

What is the utilization future of your offering?

Drawing on previews into future consumer worlds, we make out strategic innovation territories and usage scenarios for new markets. Ideas for future user stories are generated and fleshed out in collaboration.

What visionary offerings and business models will we be needing?

In vision concepts, we tangibly depict the consumer world of the future and new business models, rendering these experienceable. These yield prototypes for future-oriented product-service ecosystems.