Cultural Innovation

Open Innovation Journey

How should I respond to subsiding demand in saturated markets? What product innovation could insulate us against price warring? The Open Innovation Journey is about developing products and services that redefine the market category, create excitement among customers and attract new ones.

Developing new products and services

How might consumer behaviors be changing going forward?

We analyze consumer trends, leveraging ethnographic in situ field research. ‘Omni-Immersion’ of lead users in qualitative online communities affords us an authentic look into the lives and worlds of people in the relevant consumer groups. This enables us to identify existing and emerging consumer behavior patterns, longings and barriers, delivering valuable consumer insights into the market category with further implications.

What are the relevant fields of opportunity?

In an Opportunities Workshop, we work together with our client to drill down on the consumer insights and identified consumer trends to demarcate the relevant areas of growth and opportunity. These are then systematically translated into strategic development vectors for a brand, portfolio or future business model.

What concepts and prototypes result?

In a Prototyping Workshop, product and service concepts are delineated in the most promising fields of opportunity and tested online with lead users. Drawing upon an Innovation Lab, compelling prototypes of real relevance to consumers are swiftly created.