Cultural Innovation

Social Experience Design

“What experience moments of my customers are actually relevant? What experiences promote lasting loyalty?” In what ways might relationships with my customers evolve over the long term? Where along the customer journey do opportunities lie for new services and interactions?

Innovating Relationship Experiences

How do customers experience your brand along their customer journey?

Employing immersion and mobile ethnography, we study contact quality along the customer journey, focusing on the purchase cycle and the utilization cycle in particular. This exploration yields an understanding of the sensitive moments and contact points, and of what ‘jobs’ a brand can do best for the consumer in the given situation.

What is your brand’s relationship strategy?

Working together we define the interaction and experience strategy that will deliver positive differentiation for your brand, jointly choreographing the customer relationship over the entire purchase and utilization cycle.

What are the interaction and experience concepts behind your brand?

We develop new interaction and experience concepts for your brand to catalyze and enhance customer loyalty. The most relevant concepts then undergo continuous further development in an interactive CX Lab, in collaboration with lead users.