Our clients start their innovation journeys with customer insights about their next markets. With most of them we have close and long-standing collaborative partnerships involving our entire service portfolio. Other businesses seek us out for specific stages of their journey. Whatever the form of collaboration, our aim is to spark the spirit of Human Innovation, putting people and culture at the core of business decision-making.

Audi on our tool MindMarker

“With the MindMarker method we clarified important questions that are relevant to our brand. To be able to compare findings on an intercultural level really made the difference for us.”

Andreas Meinheit, Audi Brand Strategy

Sky on storytelling

“The storytelling approach of STURM und DRANG made the process both organic and time efficient. The real advantage however was how this created the conditions for us to feed new communications ideas back into the process. Their approach created its own momentum.”

Sky Marketing

Procter & Gamble on co-creation

“What’s really different is that they bring together the right people, both from inside and outside of STURM und DRANG—not just for one day but during the whole process. This way, we get to tackle and improve the crucial points early on and not at the end of a project when it’s much more costly to introduce change.”

Marta Lercari, Procter & Gamble Consumer Market Insight Manager